The name Masriera is not only a synonym for artistic jewellery, but also much more: Catalan modernist jewellery, a world focussed on the symbolic trends of Art Nouveau. The name Masriera is completely inseparable from the artistic and cultural life in Barcelona in the last decades of the 19th century until the first decades of the 20th century.

Masriera’s jewels focus on floral, serpentine elements and feminine sensuality, but the true iconographic revolution came from the magical fusion between woman and nature, spawning the popular fairies, nymphs, naiads and insect-women.

What makes Bagués stand out is its jewellery collections inspired by the Mediterranean with strong links to Barcelona: the city, its art, its music, its nature, its people.

Bagués’ collections are based on the clear aim to create artistic jewellery, approaching the same levels as what is considered to be the highest quality of jewellery. This jewellery combines design, cutting edge technology and the use of traditional techniques.